Gerdemann Solartechnik

The high-quality solution

Within 20 years our photovoltaic systems will save several tons of CO2.

The prevention of CO2 emissions is the most important task for the future. In the long term solar energy will become the most important primary energy source around the world, whilst also being the cleanest and most innovative means of producing ecologically clean energy. Energy that can be used by anyone. With your photovoltaic system you make a long-term contribution to climate protection. The harnessing of this, the strongest of the natural energy sources, by using through solar technology is the shape of things to come.

The manufacture of the thin-film modules uses less energy and causes no environmentally harmful emissions – and they are also 100% recyclable.

Thin-film solar modules are the ideal solution for anyone keen to exploit the ecological and financial benefits of solar energy without compromising aesthetics.

The thin-film modules can even generate energy in weak lighting conditions in the early morning and evening hours as well as on cloudy days. The thin-film modules used by David-Solar Deutschland GmbH can generate 10% more electricity than traditional solar modules positioned at the same location.

Wood produces no waste

Our special wooden substructure emits no CO2, but instead stores CO2 from the air. Surplus wood is used to generate energy by the partner companies in which it is produced. Using wood as a construction material is not only CO2-neutral, it also reduces the CO2 content in the atmosphere. Wood instead of CO2 production. Our use of wood as a substructure for your photovoltaic system is therefore active climate protection.