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Lucrative feed-in tariffs

As the operator of a system linked to the grid from David-Solar Deutschland GmbH you will receive a lucrative feed-in tariff from your network operator for the solar energy you supply. In Germany the feed-in tariff is governed by the German Act on Renewable Energies (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG). After putting your roof or façade system into operation you will receive a corresponding minimum remuneration that is guaranteed for 20 years.


Overview of the feed-in tariff from January 2012

Building systems up to 30 kWp 24,43 Eurocent per kWp
Building systems from 30 kWp
23,23 Eurocent per kWp
Building systems from 100 kWp 21,88 Eurocent per kWp
Building systems from 1,000 kWp 18,33 Eurocent per kWp

The purpose of your photovoltaic systems is therefore by no means just to produce green electricity for people with environmental consciousness. Since the introduction of the EEG in the PV sector, photovoltaic projects have become a very popular form of financial investment that offers a high level of security by virtue of the state-guaranteed feed-in tariffs.

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