We exploit the benefits of the sun

In contrast to fossil fuels our sun has unlimited availability as far as we can judge.

We have been successfully operating in the German solar energy sector since 2009 and have installed 18 high-performance photovoltaic integrated roof and façade systems in that time. Across all the surfaces we have renovated – a total surface area of over 41,000 m2 – we have installed 28,514 modules with a total power output of 2,508 kWp.

Solar energy is environmentally friendly and produces no greenhouse gases. Using our photovoltaic systems produces a reduction of 1,794 tons of CO2 emissions in just one year.

Our special wooden substructure enables us to save even more substantial quantities of CO2 as wood not only emits no CO2, but it actually absorbs CO2 from the air.

This truly green solution from David-Solar Deutschland GmbH ... . .

… is our reference for your environment